There may come a time when you want to create a Left-Leaning Barred Increase, which is typically created on the knit side of the fabric using kfb, or k1fb (knit into the front and back of the same loop)--but you're on the purl side.

I was recently asked to figure out how to accomplish this, and voilà, here you go!

What should it look like?

When working a kfb, on the knit side of your fabric, you work to the stitch you want to increase. Usually, this is the stitch after a stitch marker. Then you knit into the front leg and the back leg of the same stitch before slipping it off the left needle. The result is an extra stitch on the left of the original one that has a little bar across its base, like this:

Left-Leaning Bar Increase (kfb/k1fb) worked from knit side of fabric.

How to Make It

To create this exact look from the other side of the fabric, on the purl side:

  1. Work to one stitch before marker. Slip stitch knitwise onto right needle, then slip directly back onto left needle.

  2. Knit into the front leg. Drop stitch from left needle.

  3. Use the left needle to pick up the right loop of the stitch directly below the one you just created from the right side of the yarn. This will create a loop on the left needle with the right leg in front, which extends from the same stitch you just worked into.

  4. Purl into the front leg of this picked up stitch.

That's it! If you check the knit side of your work, it should look like you just made a kfb--except you and I both know better, don't we? *wink, wink.*

Left-Leaning Bar Increase (Reverse BincL or LBinc) worked from the purl side (Except the bottom one.)

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