Finding Heaven

What do you do when you realize that everything you are is a lie?

Sarah Daniels seems to have the perfect life--a successful career as an erotica author, a successful lawyer husband, thousands of adoring fans, and the freedom to do whatever she wants. Or does she?

Behind the façade, her marriage is in a shambles, she hates what she writes and the people who read it, and she feels trapped behind the masks of her own making. A cancer diagnosis has just dealt the final blow to the shaky foundations of her life.

A chance encounter with Steve McGuire--a man who gave up the rat race to help Mumbai's prostitutes, and who finds joy in every little thing--makes her question her priorities and wonder if it's time for a change. His example and friendship inspires her to start a journey to find God, healing, and her authentic self.

Can Sarah rediscover her passion for life with a death sentence hanging over her head? Can she conquer her personal demons and break free from her abusive past so that she can truly live?

Will Sarah ever know what real love is?

Finding Heaven is a gritty inspirational novel about healing from the hurts of abuse.

"A riveting, true-to-life tale of love's power to heal and redeem." -  Melissa Keaster, author of Eleora

Content warning: Contains violence, intense scenes relating to sexual abuse, and themes not appropriate for young readers.

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Finding Heaven is not yet available for order.

Projected release date: August 30, 2017
Publisher: My Secret Wish Publishing
ISBN (hardcover): 978-0-9947364-4-4
ISBN (paperback): 978-0-9947364-2-0
ISBN (ebook): 978-0-9947364-3-7
Genre: Gritty Women's Fiction

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About the Author

Talena Winters inspires with words, yarn, and food. Addicted to tea, chocolate, books, knitting, and silver linings. She is the author of The Friday Night Date Dress, has written several award-winning songs, and is a regular contributor to Move Up magazine. She currently resides on an acreage in the Peace Country of northern Alberta, Canada, with her husband, three surviving boys, a Golden Retriever named Sunshine, and an assortment of farm cats and chickens. She would love to be a mermaid when she grows up.


Are you struggling with the wounds of abuse? If so, you may want to check out my Resources page for information that may help with healing. Please know that I am praying for you and want you to know that healing is possible.

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