This is probably the first cast on you learned. If you are just learning, it's the one you should start with. (Optionally, you could start with the Long Tail Cast On.) Make sure to make it loosely, or your cast on edge will be narrower than the rest of your work. This cast on creates a firm, stable edge, so don't use it for edges that need to stretch. (If you are working on a stretchy edge, I recommend the Super Stretchy Cast On.)

(Also see my tutorial for How to Make a Slip Knot.)

This photo tutorial shows Continental/European style (working yarn held in left hand). English/American style uses the same instructions except your working yarn is held in your right hand.

Download a 1-page PDF of this photo tutorial here:

Download a 1-page PDF Photo Tutorial here:

This cast on is used in the following patterns:

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