Knitting Community

Knitting is a pastime that can be enjoyed alone, but has long been enjoyed in the company of others. In this modern world, knitters have embraced being social online with glee. Two websites I recommend checking out are:


The social site for the fibre arts community. It has many useful tools for helping you track your past projects and supplies, a pattern directory, forums with tons of uber-helpful knitters when you have a question at any time of the day or night, and lots and lots of eye candy in the form of completed projects. I would love to see your completed project on Ravelry!


As a visually-driven social network, Instagram is all eye candy, all the time for knitters. Search or use hashtags like #knitstagram, #knitting, or #knittersofinstagram to find feeds with beautiful projects for you to enjoy. (If you post a project from one of my patterns, use one of my hashtags, too! #MySecretWishbyTalena #mswbtprojects. Or tag me @talenawinters.)

Another benefit of the digital age is the plethora of free resources and patterns available. I would encourage you that, if you enjoyed a designer’s free pattern, support them by spreading the word about them and maybe even purchasing one of their other designs. That way, we all help each other.

Go Forth and Knit

Now you know the basics of how to knit. I hope you stitch up a storm as you put your new skills into practice. I also invite you to join my knitting community by signing up for my newsletter, following me on Instagram or Ravelry, or liking my Facebook page. I look forward to seeing your work! Happy knitting!


Learn to knit using this tutorial and the following pattern:

Building Blocks Cowl/Hood
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