Levelling Up

You’ve got some of the basics under your belt, but you’ve only just begun on your knitting adventure. Here are some things you’ll want to bookmark and look at as you need them to help you improve your knitting skills.

Reading Your Knitting Series

This series was created to help you learn to recognize what it is you are looking at in your work so you know exactly where you are in a pattern. Start with the first one right away, and go through the others when you have need of them.

Reading Your Knitting 1: Knit and Purl

Reading Your Knitting 2: Catching Wrong Stitches

Reading Your Knitting 3: Increases and Decreases

Reading Your Knitting 4: Cables

For other links and resources, see the Knitting Resources section.


Learn to knit using this tutorial and the following pattern:

Building Blocks Cowl/Hood
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