Love Songs to Remember

by Various Artists

This collection of demos covers songs in the country, rock, and pop genres. More songs (or better versions) to be added as time and money permit.

"The Missing Piece (Picking Up the Pieces)" was a Semi-Finalist in the First Quarter 2012 Song of the Year Contest.

I originally visualized the title track, "Love Song to Remember", as a full-orchestra, country/pop number. My friend played around with my very basic piano/vocal demo and came up with the reggae feel version here. A little bit more fun, if not quite what I imagined!

"Me and My Truck" was meant to be a tongue-and-cheek story about a country boy in the city.

"Born to Love", co-written with Kendra Bacso and Maria Stranaghan, was inspired by the true stories of Tasha Stranaghan and Andy Mackie.

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