Even Leonardo Started Somewhere

Noah's teacher's comment on his report card about his artwork expressed concern that he only draws stick figures, and doesn't put a lot of detail into his art.

Well, given that his main form of art and literature intake is in the form of various comic strips and books, I guess I'm not surprised that he draws only stick figures. Fine motor skills have never been his strong suit.

But just because it's a stick figure, I don't think it means that detail is lacking.

Get a load of the expression on the face of the guy in the barber's chair in the last frame of this strip Noah drew in October:

I say, if he can do that with a stick figure, let 'im do it.

After all, some cartoonists have made their entire living drawing no better than a "rabid squirrel addicted to cocaine", as I heard Scott Adams quote a critic once.

If only he would write a little neater (no interpretation required), he may really have something going, here...