The world's best coffee ain't at Starbucks...

Yesterday morning, when I would normally have had my weekly meeting for the upcoming fund raiser for Faith Children Home, I had the world's most amazing coffee.

No, I wasn't being irresponsible--our weekly meeting was cancelled. Laverna still wanted to take Levi for the morning. So I had coffee at my friend Tammy's instead.

Tammy and her husband used to own a coffee bar. And they still have the espresso/cappuccino machine. And Tammy still, very obviously, knows how to use it.

The cool thing was, besides being the best cappuccino I had ever had, it was also the healthiest. With a dollop of coconut oil (that I couldn't taste at all) and sweetened with maple syrup, it made me want to go over for coffee every. Day.

And I normally don't really care for coffee. :-)

My mom also came (although she had tea instead of coffee), and we all three had a lovely visit about stuff that matters. In fact, it wasn't until a phone call that mom had been waiting for interrupted the conversation about 45 minutes in that we even got to the typical conversation starters of "so, what have you been up to lately?"

This weekend is Thanksgiving, and though I don't need a holiday to remind me, I am so thankful for good friends, and for this time to reset a little. Especially since I will be starting to migrate my store at tonight, so I am likely going to have at least another month or two of weeknights stuck at my desk instead of hanging out with my amazing husband.

I am also thankful for the husband that I wish I could be spending time with instead of my computer monitor. :-)

What are YOU thankful for today, friends?