Everything Grows and Grows

SO MUCH has been happening!

Okay, maybe not really. But a couple of really cool things have happened this past week while I have been up to my hair roots in designing a new web store. Not least of which is that


Blink, and look what happens...

Hard to believe that it has already been twelve years since Jude made me a mommy for the first time ever. This kid has been such a challenge, and such a blessing, and so much in between. He is awesome, and I just love him to pieces. His dad and I are so. darn. proud of this kid.

While I was making his birthday cake last Saturday (Chocolate Mocha, by his request), I had the very scary realization that by the time my current "baby" (Levi) turns 12, Jude could have a baby of his own.

Talk about making my hair stand on end. 'Cause it's not like that would be awful, but I kinda hope he isn't a dad just yet at the ripe age of 22.


There was more that happened last week. Honest. But I'll put it in another post.

How was your week, friends?