Things I Would Rather Be Doing

I am entering into the final phases of my first self-publishing venture.

Which means that today, I am reading user agreements. Other than a 1-hour webinar and occasional breaks for eating and playing with Levi, this is what I have been doing all. freaking. day. Oh, besides when I ran around on the deck, checked my email every 30 seconds, signed up for a new social network, made some notes about some immediate changes I want to make to improve my customer care, texted my friend about something we're planning together, and wandered aimlessly around the house, I mean.

My right brain is screaming for escape. As the day wears on, I have been looking for more and more excuses to NOT read another freaking boring page of legalese. So, a few minutes ago, it threw up a sign in front of my eyes: "Blog About Stuff You Would Rather Be Doing Than Reading This".

So, since my self-control has weakened considerably since the sun started shining in the window, here it is. :-)

Stuff I Would Rather Be Doing than Reading Legally Binding Contracts

  1. Eat Brussels sprouts.
  2. Do laundry.
  3. Iron clothes..
  4. Watch SpongeBob Squarepants. (No, not because I like it.)
  5. Clean toilets.
  6. Change a poopy diaper.
  7. Read a Nicholas Sparks novel. (No, not because I like it.)
  8. Talk to a telemarketer.
  9. Watch Avengers for the 20th time. (No, not because I am that in love with it. I liked it the first 3 times my kids chose it for Family movie night. Now? ... )
  10. Stab a plastic spork into my thigh.

Happy Wednesday, friends! What is your favourite way to procrastinate?