Live Wire

On Saturday, we celebrated Levi's third birthday with the available extended family. (Those of you who couldn't be here, we missed you. But I passed along your birthday greetings. Not sure Levi got it, but hey, I tried.)

Despite the fact that we had started the day with a panicked trip to Sears to buy a floor-model fridge (upon discovering that our thirty-plus-year-old decrepit thing had picked that very morning to give up the ghost), the ice cream I had purchased the day before was still a little soupy. But still yummy. And since the morning was taken up with changing the fridge out, we had unfrosted cupcakes for the "birthday dessert" instead of a beautiful chocolate cake. But they still tasted delish!

And you know what? We all had fun anyway.

Plus! We all got to enjoy Levi's funny, silly, energetic, smiley self. So it was a win, all the way around.

Yay! For Jude's rubber boots!

"Chocolate cupcakes make me silly."

I asked for a smile. He is getting quite good--and goofy--with his "poser" grins. :-)

It was an adventure, but a good one.

We love you, Little Man!