Unexpected Blessings

At the beginning of the week, I had no idea all the ways that this week would not follow my nice, neat plan.

Last weekend, there was the stomach flu that worked its way through the entire family, excluding Jason. But on the upside, I got lots of sleep!

Monday (a holiday), there was the unexpected writing deadline that kept me up until 4 a.m. Tuesday morning. But I got the final, final revisions of my book done and off to my formatter once again.

Tuesday, despite having only had three hours sleep, I managed to start purging my house of excess clutter and took a walk with Levi. (Organizing is my favourite way to avoid bookwork.) It was a busy day, but I stopped feeling so stressed just walking around my house.

Wednesday, the better part of the day was spent setting my tablet back up to be a lean, mean, creativity machine after the snap decision to reformat it Tuesday night. Not only is it faster now, I set it up much more efficiently. The re-work is going to be a huge blessing to my "systems" all around.

Thursday, I discovered that my van battery AND my phone battery were both dead while I was on the way out the door for a morning appointment. Thank goodness for so many options. I text-chatted with Jason in Gmail so he could attend the important school meeting and then come rescue me.

After a visit to the greenhouse with my mother in the afternoon, the household purging continued. Last night, Jabin said, "Thanks for cleaning up the house, Mom. It looks nice." I was all, "Thanks for actually noticing!" :-) My house is actually organized, I bought a few flowers to put in a planter and in my perennials bed, and I got the book back from the publishing formatter. What a day!

This little guy came and sat on the windowsill long enough for me to catch a photo. My battery was one shot away from death, but one shot was all I needed. :-)

But that wasn't the end of it.

Last night, I sat down to type up a simple blog post, an encouragement to make a difference as you go about your day. But as I was writing, I hit upon one brilliant idea after another. At 4 a.m. (yes, that's the second time this week! This isn't usually a habit!) I finally hit the hay for a few hours, excited that my new brilliant idea was well on the way to going public.

So... stay tuned for more news about the #CTWChallenge (Change the World Challenge), coming soon!

What challenges actually revealed blessings to you this week?