Photo Friday: Beginnings

Noah, December 2015

I am so proud of this kid right now. He was assigned a "Christian Service" project in Religion class which required him to do 8 hours of service and make a scapbook about it. The beneficiaries couldn't be family members. Fortunately, his teacher allowed a great deal of time for the students to devise their plans and execute them.

After deliberating for several weeks, Noah decided to bake cookies and sell them, then donate the money to Faith Children Home.

So far, he's received orders for 44 dozen cookies!

Yes, Mom is involved--Noah isn't strong enough (yet!) to stir a batch of cookie dough in the final stages. But I bet after 9 batches he will be! (Not to mention having the recipe memorized!)

Thank you to those you ordered cookies and supported this fund raiser.

And Noah, I am so glad that you are taking what you know and doing good in the world with it.

SO. Proud!

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Happy Friday, friends!