Tally Ho!

The hood version of the  Building Blocks Cowl , photographed by Jason.

The hood version of the Building Blocks Cowl, photographed by Jason.

It's been another tough week. It occurred to me last weekend that it had been just over a year since I started grieving my brother. Last night, while searching through old photos to use on a website I'm building I came across the photos from my trip to Seattle last February. Images of my littlest man and my brother both brought me to tears and cut production right down. Oh, well--it was time to go to bed anyway.

Other than that, the week has had ups and downs. Jason and I reminisced for a while about what we've been through together since our first Valentine's day as a couple 16 years ago. Jude had Science Fair and did really well with a project about which liquid would make phosphorescent powder glow the brightest and longest. Jabin sprained his wrist at the end of a fun afternoon of tobogganing on Family Day (on Monday)--but we were all just glad it wasn't broken! He's had a mild concussion this week, but is slowly on the mend. Jason has been (assistant-)coaching basketball and has been/will be gone every night this week. Glad that's done at the end of February, but he's definitely been enjoying it.

I started writing up the Building Blocks Cowl pattern, and started on some Monkey Mitts for the Cute, Cuddly Critters pattern. This afternoon is slated for yarn inventory--and nothing takes the fun out of playing with yarn like having to tally it all up and dig through the receipts. Looking forward to some actual yarn therapy tonight!

Happy Thursday, friends! What's new with you?

Levi on a walk with his grandma and uncle. February 13, 2015.

Jabin smiling in Emergency after getting his wrist X-Rayed and wrapped. I'm not sure who this was harder on--me or him. I managed to hold it together during the entire crisis, though, so Yay! me. February 15, 2016

I found this photo of Jude, Noah, and Jabin enjoying the sprinkler in our front yard in the archives last night. Photo taken June 2, 2008.