Photo Friday: Blessings

Three of my biggest blessings. Photo taken today.

Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.
— Henry Ward Beecher

The cold remains. It has made me somewhat more tired and short-tempered than normal. My boys, who are really wonderful for the most part, always seem to know when mom is having an off day by inadvertently pushing every button I have. And since this is their second school holiday in a row, they were pushing each other's buttons (and therefore, mine) at every opportunity today.

But then I found this note Jabin made me when he was home sick a week or two ago:

And then I took a deep breath and stopped with the grumpy attitude. Because I am so thankful for these boys I can hardly stand it. As one article on child loss I read said it, "I am more thankful than thankful has ever been thanked."

I'm sure glad for the timely reminder, though.

What blessing do you need to remember to be thankful for today?

Happy weekend, friends!