In the Meantime

Yeah, I know it's been a little silent here. (And darnit! I missed my second Friday post for the year!)

What happened?

The last week of school, that's what. Lots of field trips. And awards ceremonies. And stuff to do. Lots of hot weather, which meant a hot, hot, hot house.

And this:

Jude in his first football game, ever.

Jude decided to join the local football league's spring training, after some gentle urging from a friend of his. He found that he really enjoyed it, and is now considering joining the team in the fall for the regular season.

On Sunday, they wrapped up their six weeks of training with a Jamboree against some other local teams. Jude's team, the Prospectors, played two games.

I never thought I'd be a football mom. (Have you seen my skinny kids?) But here I am. I'm so proud of Jude for taking this risk. (And, on a related note, I'm also proud of him for receiving the Outstanding Scholar with Honour Roll in both semesters award at school.)

Yesterday, our chicks came. I'm trying out a new breed of meat bird this year that is supposed to be hardier. This is also the latest I have ever started chicks. So it's all a bit of an experiment. :-)

They sure are cute!

Just got home with our chicks! #cutenessoverload #lovefarming #hobbyfarm

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Happy Thursday, friends! And HAPPY SUMMER!

Alfalfa in bloom along the Peace River dyke.