Chick Flick and Chocolate outcome

Okay, that whole "resist chocolate" thing?

Didn't happen.

Well, it did, for a little while. And I did have a fair amount of fruit. And hot chocolate. And fondue. (Mostly carob, but I had to at least try the chocolate, since I made it after all!) And mousse. And some weird bran-flakes-covered-in-something-chocolatey that I could only take one bite of and said "enough!" (Have to draw the line somewhere--I'm sure the chocolate isn't as bad for me as the man-made extruded and altered junk passed off as cold cereal.) And finally, some chocolate cake. By that point the back of my head was starting to feel a little buzzy from all the sugar and caffeine, so I actually only had about half of the cake, as well. Then I went back to fruit.

Now, unfortunately, I know full well my immune system is going to be compromised until sometime next week, so I better not get short on sleep, too. Thus, this entry is going to remain short.

Do you ever learn something, and then wish you could just UNLEARN it for brief periods of time, so you could act in violation of your own good sense without guilt for just a night?

Yep. Me too. But in the end, I guess it's better to be informed, rather than groping about blindly. At least now, if I get sick, I know I can't just blame it on the old "it must be going around" thing. Just because something is "going around" doesn't mean it has to stop at our house!