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Noah Michael Winters


Two years ago today

Favourite Movies:

Anything VeggieTales or Bob the Builder; Monsters, Inc. (this is a photo of Noah watching this movie today);

Favourite CD:

VeggieTales' "Bob & Larry's Campfire Songs"--especially track number one, which he loves to play over and over and over again. ("God Is Bigger Than The Boogey Man.")

Favourite Foods:

Playdough, floor food, anything he shouldn't eat; Pancakes with whipped cream; bananas; pizza; A&W burgers

Least Favourite Foods:

Broccoli; green beans

Favourite Activities:

Having a bath; running around; brushing his teeth; getting into mischief;

Favourite Toys:

My First LeapPad with Bob the Builder book; trucks; Mega Bloks road-building set; puzzles; vacuum cleaner; Daddy's boots/shoes; ride-on firetruck;

Favourite Books:

Happy Baby Things That Go; Dazzling Diggers; Anything about trucks or machinery;

Noah has just started trying to talk within the last few weeks. He will actually try and say words that you ask him to say, and sometimes will come out with words of his own, as well as repeating bedtime prayers. Of course, if you hadn't just said the word to him, you would not recognize what he says back--BUT AT LEAST HE'S TRYING! YAAY! He has been a VERY late talker. Up til now, his only words have been "uh-oh" and "Daddy". (He has said Mommy to me several times this week--made my day each time!)

He and Jude play well together most of the time, but Noah has an unpleasant habit of squealing, whether out of frustration, joy, whining, complaint, or anger--probably due to his lack of words and ability to communicate otherwise. It has been rather frustrating, and difficult to break him of.

We have dabbled with potty-training, but up till now have not pursued it in earnest. Between a new baby and the move, I haven't been all that gung-ho to get going on it. Half the time when I see him pooping I'm breastfeeding, so it's a little tricky to run him to the bathroom. However, the more time that passes, the more keen I become on getting on top of this!

Noah continues to be the little sunspot of our family. Unless he's tired or hungry, he is generally pretty good-natured. He doesn't mind being left with strange kids to play, as long as there are toys. He is generally pretty tolerant of Jude's regular abuse. Unfortunately, he needs to learn to stand up for himself a little more. However, his bright sunshiny personality has made my day, many a time. He is a nice balance to our family. I don't think he has ever even had a meltdown at the grocery store! I could probably learn a thing or two about dealing with life's little pitfalls from his insuppressible good temper.

All that being said, he has definitely had his moments of "two-year-old attitude!" I mean, c'mon, nobody's perfect! I just remind myself that it only lasts for a year (at least, to this degree), and anyone can survive that. I should even have a few months reprieve before the next one starts in on it!

Here's an acrostic poem I wrote for Noah this last year for his scrapbook:

Never a dull moment.
Oh, what endless joy!
A trial and a blessing--
Here comes my little boy!