Highlights from a Saturday

The best things about today:

  • Warm weather
  • Finally getting to meet some neighbours (and their kids--our kids had a blast with them)
  • The SMELL of a Michael's Arts and Crafts store
  • This sign:

  • Mini-van, SUV and Truck Row as I came out of Home Depot. (Okay, the one outside of Wal-Mart was better--it was ALL mini-vans and SUVs--but I forgot to take a picture of THAT!)
That little red van is ours. I've never lived someplace where there are so many mini-vans and larger SUVs in every parking lot--not even Red Deer had this many. That fact alone is probably a testament to the length of the winters up here--everyone needs a bigger, more rugged vehicle to haul all 3+ of their children through the snow, which they wouldn't have had in the first place if the winters weren't so darn long!
  • Starbuck's Tall Blended Coffee Java Chip Frappuccino
  • Jason getting the yard cleaned up
  • The Spring/Summer edition of Vogue Knitting
  • Seeing geese, ducks, bison, crows, a hawk, and 2 wild boar, plus all the wildlife in the CITY, too!
  • Jude making up songs while helping Daddy with the yardwork
  • Listening to Great Big Sea's album "Play" in the van (Still my favourite album of theirs.)
  • Getting to sit, knit, and relax with my honey while watching a really great movie at the end of it all. (This is the second time Jason and I have rented movies since moving up here.)