Finding Peace in Chaos

If you were to walk into my house right now, this moment, this is what you'd see:
  • Most of a week's worth of laundry waiting to be folded or partially folded on the couch
  • Toys strewn randomly around the house
  • One toilet taped shut with an "Out Of Order" sign across it. (We had to shut off the water to it because it was leaking)
  • Another toilet that should be taped shut with an "Out of Order" sign across it. (Jude emptied the contents of the garbage into it--twice!--and now it is completely plugged. We will probably have to get a plumber in to fix it.)
  • A half-completed scrapbook page on my desk.
  • A half-completed slow-moving renovation project in my kitchen.
  • Magazines, papers, and mail in random piles on coffee tables, high chairs, under hammers or paint supplies, thanks to the disorder of my kitchen.
  • An office set up with my mic, mixer, and cheesy little 5-octave Yamaha keyboard for a half- (or less-than-half-) completed recording project.
  • A rumpled guest bed where my husband has been sleeping for the last week so he doesn't keep me and Jabin up at night with his coughing.
  • Bottles on the counter waiting to be washed, since my milk dried up this week and as of today the switch is total and complete to formula.
  • Paperwork piling up on my desk from office work I have shunted until the kitchen is done.
  • Sawdust on my basement floor.
  • Freshly-planted geranium and pansies in planters on the patio.
  • Three boys that know their mommy and daddy love them.
  • A fridge full of nutritious and delicious food.
  • A man and a woman that are still completely in love with each other after 6 years of marriage, five pregnancies, and three babies.
  • A snapshot of lives-in-progress. Not everything is neat and tidy, but the important thing is this: it is being lived!

Some photos I took of the boys tonight:

Noah siting his "water pistol" (actually the spray attachment from the hose.)

Jude looking at me through his "binoculars."

Happy to be me!

And one I took of Noah and Jabin earlier in the week:
Boys will be boys!

(Jason said this was "not a picture-taking night" of him--since we had a stay-at-home Sunday, I think he was feeling a little mussy. Next time.)