Today was Jason's and my sixth anniversary. Marriage is awesome. I highly recommend it. (It helps when you marry your best friend.)

Jabin spent his first night in his own room last night. I now have to get up for feedings to give him a bottle, so I figured since I am getting up anyway, we may as well have our room to ourselves. I had intended to paint the nursery before moving him in there, but that will have to wait. However, there is currently very little furniture in that room, so it will not be hard to move everything when I DO get to painting.

Jabin's crib in its new location in the nursery.

This "Noah's Ark" ensemble (and the tapestry, below) were gifts from Jason's mom when Jude was born. However, Jabin is the first child to use the crib bumper, as the medical profession now think it has something to do with causing SIDS, and I believed them (until now. My personal theory is that most cases of SIDS are caused by vaccinations, but like any medical professional is going to admit to THAT! For more information about the dangers of vaccinations, click here.)

This isn't really a lifemark, just an incidental:

This is Ivy. She followed me home from the grocery store last night. Actually, she was so cute, I couldn't just leave her there and said she could stay on my desk for a little while. I love how she brings a little green to my workspace--a little more life and creativity to my office. I also love her shiny red dress.

Speaking of the grocery store, that reminds me: I am beginning to realize the full impact of our new northerly latitude. I can only imagine what you folks up there in the Knife are experiencing right now. I left to get groceries at around 10 p.m. last night (love our 24-hour grocery store), and the sun was just sitting above the horizon. When I made my way home at 11, there was still enough light out to read a book outside.

No wonder my body clock is all messed up and I am up typing at 1 a.m.!

Well, I better hit the hay. Tomorrow is going to be another long day.