My friend Colleen

Colleen is married to my second-cousin, Mark. Mark also happens to be one of Jason's best friends. So, from two ways, I was destined to know her.

And I couldn't be happier that destiny put us together. I only wish it had put us closer together! She lives in Yellowknife, NWT, a good 13 hour drive NORTH of here (that's right, all you Southies that think Peace River is "THE FAR NORTH", t'ain't no such thing!)

We share a love of many things, but mostly, I just treasure any time we actually get to spend hanging out together. By a strange twist of fate, she happened to be the first person, besides myself, to find out I was pregnant with Jude. I took the test in the bathroom at Chapters while she was perusing books and our husbands were out gallavanting at the golf store. It was very difficult to not blurt it out in the lunch we had with them afterwards, until I got to tell Jason alone. She did a fabulous job, however. Even when my friend Candace (who will have to be the subject of a different blog entry), who happened to be our waitress at said luncheon, made some comment about "ALL my friends getting pregnant--it must be something in the water!"

She is generally very upbeat and encouraging, and just delightful to hang out with. However, today she is sick, sneezy, and feeling a little blah. So please drop by her blog, and leave a cheerful, witty, or encouraging comment to help her perk up. Thanks.