Top 10 Reasons You Should Switch to Mozilla Firefox--NOW!

10. Because Internet Explorer is of the devil.
9. So is Netscape Navigator. (Okay, I've never used Netscape, and I know it owns Firefox--so my husband just informed me. But apparently it has all these weird ways of reading code that you have to work around when designing a web page. Just like IE.)
8. It's free.
7. Firefox is the only popular browser that knows how to handle HTML properly.
6. To save every web page designer out there a lot of headache, because they would only have to design for the best browser, not the other inferior ones. (Including me.)
5. You can open your blogroll in tabs, so instead of going back and forth to your blogroll links, or your bookmarks folder, you can open them all at once and just click through the tabs, closing them as you read.
4. You can open any link in a tab, which is a real bonus if you are on dial-up--you can open a link, so it can be loading, but not have to navigate away from the page you are currently on.
3. Block more pop-ups you DON'T want, without blocking the ones you do!
2. Firefox is faster.
1. It is the choice of professional computer programmers everywhere. (Okay, at least one--my brother, who got me started--AND I CAN'T THANK HIM ENOUGH!!)

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