This Weekend's Top Ten

10. My dad coming up to visit.
9. Him and Jason getting to go golfing on Saturday--for free! I'm glad Jay got a little golf time in, since he hasn't done nearly as much as he would like this summer, due to finances being a little tight.
8. Me and the kids hanging out downtown all day at Peacefest. The kids loved "The Flying Bob" show, a guy named Bob from Red Deer who did juggling tricks, shot food items out of a water balloon slingshot, and did tricks on a mini-tightrope he set up in the street. Also, they TOTALLY loved the jumping castles and slides. And the sprinkler and bubble bin set up by the fire department.
7. Meeting up with Wes and his kids and Amanda and her kids by chance at Peacefest.
6. Getting an almost-new-pair of calf-high boots for $5 at a garage sale. Oh, and a really cool gigantic wooden picture frame for $5, too.
5. Staying up until 3 a.m. on Saturday night/Sunday morning talking with Dad and Jason.
4. Dad fixing/installing sinks, drains, and helping with various and sundry other plumbing projects while here. Our house is getting more improved all the time! Also, we have the use of all our toilets again, but we got that fixed--mostly--before Dad got here. We replaced one with a $7.50 toilet we got at a garage sale, and had a plumber come and fix our other one--which meant he stuck the garden hose up it and forced out the bubble juice bottle that Son #1 had flushed into it. Doh!
3. Dad's stories. They're the best. He's so cotton-pickin' funny, and the best part is, he's got stories worth telling--and repeating. The benefits of having lived through many near-death experiences, I guess. How many lives do you have, anyway, mon père? *wink at Dad*
2. Getting that much closer to a finished kitchen. (No, I didn't quite hit my goal of having it done by this weekend, but I'm only days away. Just have to sand the final coat of drywall mud, then I can paint!)
1. None of your business!

Also, I posted three new layouts to my 2 Peas gallery tonight. Here they are:

One, Two buckle my shoe... Oh, and Three, too!

Two and Three I made tonight. I read an article on Heidi Swapp today (famous scrapbooker and scrapbook product designer), and she said she tries to keep her layouts to a half-hour or less. I thought, That makes a lot of sense. I could do that. So, I am trying to keep my layouts simpler, so I can get more done--unless I've decided ahead of time that what I want to do is create a masterpiece. Then I take as much time as I want. But, my goal is to keep my layouts to 45 minutes or less. I think I succeeded on both of tonight's layouts. (Number one? That was one of those "masterpiece" types.)

Gotta go sleep.