The sound of Jude's distinctive tread entering the office caused me to look up from my (oh-so-riveting) bookkeeping tasks.

"Mom, I want to take your picture!"


He held up the two-foot-long rolled-up vinyl play map of Tonkatown to his eye which looked much more like a pretend telescope than a camera. (Unless his camera had a huge zoom capability.)

"Say cheese!"

"Cheeeeeese!" I obliged. It was impossible not to smile at the image of him standing there, purple oversized "Marvin-the-Martian" ballcap perching slightly askew on his tow-haired noggin, grinning from ear-to-ear, caught in a moment of complete and utter whimsy.


And off he went again, back to the realms of his own imagination.

All that was left was for me to type out a snapshot of my own.