Will this Phage you?

Here's an interesting article I came across today. Not sure what to think of the idea--personally, I would like to know that there had been much more research behind it than only 10 years.

On the other hand, processed and deli meats should be avoided anyway, due to the high amount of sodium, low amount of food value, and most likely the inclusion of sodium nitrite and/or monosodium glutamate, so perhaps this is just one more reason to do so.

Here's an excerpt from the article. Click on the link to read the whole thing:

The Sun Herald | 08/31/2006 | FDA unleashes viruses to kill food bacteria: "FDA unleashes viruses to kill food bacteria
Phage mixture can help prevent illnesses

If you want to get rid of a pest, why not use another pest to plague it?

That's the approach approved last week by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which will for the first time allow the use of bacteria-eating viruses as additives to foods.

From now on, these viruses -- known as 'bacteriophage,' or phage -- can be sprayed on ready-to-eat cold cuts and luncheon meats by manufacturers to prevent listeriosis, the most deadly of all foodborne illnesses."
Also, while looking for links for this post, I also came up with this great article for Raising a Whole Food Child in a Processed Food World. Great stuff. I could do a whole post on just this, but I don't have time--just read it, whether or not you have kids. Pass it on to your friends with kids.