Breast Cancer Month: Racing for a cure that already exists

For an explanation of this satirical cartoon from, click here.

There are already cures, and plenty of preventative methods, for cancer. But because Big Pharma does not profit from them, they are either ignored as if they don't exist, or discredited.

I am one of the people affected by breast cancer--my mother had it, and was told to get a double mastectomy by traditional medical doctors. Thank goodness she didn't listen! Instead of getting the operation, and going through months of poisonous chemotherapy treatments, she used natural means to strengthen her body's own immune system, which is why she is healthy today, enjoying life and a chance to see her grandchildren grow up, instead of convalescing and in her last months of life, or worse, already gone. She has been "cancer-free" for over five years. (Mom, what's the exact number?)

I fully intend to see my grandchildren grow up, too. Before tragedy hits you, what will you do to make sure that you live a long, and healthy, life?