Count With Me

Our oldest child, Jude, can be classified as a picky eater. This is not something we have allowed to dominate our menu choices, however. While we won't force him to finish something he absolutely hates, he generally has to have enough of it to say he gave it an honest try.

However, at times, the menu item doesn't make him gag, he just doesn't like the texture or something, although the flavour is pretty good. In cases like this, we usually encourage him to eat it all, or a certain number of bites. One of his favourite games to make this fun is to have you count the bites with him, then laugh wildly like Count von Count after each number is proclaimed. (This started thanks to Jason, but Jude likes me to do it, too.)

Yesterday afternoon, Jude was sitting at the kitchen counter consuming a snack he very much enjoys--almonds, peanuts, and raisins. As I passed by in the living room, I could hear him orating after each bite:

"ONE! Hahahahaha... TWO! Hahahahaha... THREE! Hahahahaha...."

My own laughter, while I tried to keep it to myself, was almost as hysterical...