I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Found

Oh, joy! Oh, bliss!

For Jason's birthday, his mom got him the second season of Lost. He got the first season for his birthday last year. As we are of the non-television-viewing persuasion, thanks to lack of reception (and lack of desire), we were somewhat surprised at how we (that would be the royal "we"--meaning me) quickly became addicted to this show.


Tonight we tore off the cellophane and watched the first episode, Season 2.

And I'm hooked already.

Dad, I thought of saying we'd watch one disc a week, on Sunday nights, in homage to you--but the chances are we won't have time to watch one disc at a time, so we'll just have to watch 'em whenever we can squeeze 'em in. But I'll be thinkin' of ya'. (As Jason pointed out, thanks to your satellite dish, you've probably seen the whole second season anyway. I'd call you a booger, but that's just not polite.)

To any other Lost-ophobes out there: feel free to share your enthusiasm in the comments, but no spoilers, please!