Brighten where you are

This is a poem I just came across in my files. I wrote it in 1997--ironically, when I had been on my trip to India for a little over a month. Perhaps that perspective helped me to see the importance of living your life well and right no matter where you sleep at night, I don't know. I do know that it was inspired in part by the old hymn "Brighten The Corner Where You Are."

Anyway, enjoy:

I may not be a blazing fire
To be seen from miles away.
I may not be the torch
That will keep the wolves at bay.
Perhaps I’m only one small candle
Gleaming in the night.
Though I be unimposing—still,
I know I am a light.

And in the corner, where I stand
I’ll shine out sure and strong.
I’ll shed my light on those I see.
Who knows? Before too long
I may be able to share my flame
With someone in the mire.
Perhaps my little candle may
Ignite a bigger fire.

For Jesus called me to be seen;
To shine where’er I go.
I’m not to hide the light I have
So no one else will know.
So don’t wait until great things you do,
Or to shed your light afar.
To your many duties near be true, and
Brighten where you are.