Jabin Happy Birthday Boy

I don't know what's with me lately. Too tired. Too much to do. Too little time to do it in.

Jabin's birthday was on Tuesday. I feel like I have totally not done him justice for it. I tried having a little casual-gathering cake-and-ice-cream event for him last Sunday, not realizing that I was competing with Grey Cup Sunday. Needless to say, that didn't work out. Tuesday was a write-off, with me and the kids being out all day shopping, visiting, etc., and I was so tired that night I didn't even have energy to blog about my littlest man.

So we finally had his party yesterday. The only ones there were his own brothers and parents. So sad that we couldn't even have any extended family here for his first birthday party--one more thing to brood about and add to my melancholy mood, I suppose. Anyway, so this is what we did:

1. We took the kids to the theatre for the first time and saw "Happy Feet." Totally cool movie. Loved. It.

happy feet

2. I went to the drug store to buy Jabin's present--a "Little People" train that makes noise. (I know. The grandparents weren't here, so I had to fill in for them.)

3. We got home, had leftovers for supper, and I threw his presents in a couple of gift bags with some tissue paper, knowing all along that the paper would hold the greatest attraction. (If I prepare myself for that ahead of time, it's easier to laugh about it later.)

4. While I was "wrapping" the gifts, Jason made the whipped cream for the traditional first-birthday chocolate cake I had made that morning.

5. I then went and got the camera, only to discover MY BATTERY WAS ALMOST DEAD!! How could I have forgotten to get a spare battery right before my son's birthday? His first birthday? This once-in-a-lifetime experience? I tried using the Kid Tough camera that my mom had gotten Jude for his birthday, but the photos kept disappearing into cyberspace whenever I tried to put them onto the computer, so as a result, I have a grand total of 5 photos for Jabin's birthday. I did get this pretty cute one of a messy-chocolate-faced boy, though.

Jabin seems to be jumping past some developmental milestones, lately. Did I mention he cut a molar a week ago? Top left. Now I can see one on the bottom right bulging. The front tooth next to it still hasn't cut through. Weirdest teething pattern I've ever seen.

Two weeks ago, Jabin couldn't sit up from a horizontal position. Two days ago, he took his first crawling steps. We have been able to watch the progress between those two points change almost daily. Also, I think I'm going to have to stop keeping magazines on the coffee table or at floor level for a while, because they are getting absolutely trashed as he exercises his new-found abilities.

He has imitated a few Baby Signs, but has not initiated any (except the universal wave for Hi and Bye.) He has copied "down," "all done," and "moon"--the last while we were reading "Goodnight Moon" together.

His two favourite games right now are "Peek-a-boo", which he plays with the blanket every time I lay him down to sleep, and "Pat-a-cake", which he loves to play at any time, but especially on his change table. It's so sweet to hear him say his little "bu" as he hides his face, then whips the blanket off, and to see him clap his hands in expectation of me chiming in with the words to Pat-A-Cake.

At the end of "pat-a-cake," I always say "Yaaaaay!" and clap wildly. On Tuesday, when I was talking to Jabin about it being his birthday, I said "Yaaaaay, Jabin!" and he started to clap his hands. It's so cool to see him making those connections. Even though this is baby number three, it is neat every time.

So, there. I hope this came out okay through my foggy brain. I hope you are having a good weekend, friends. And I hope you take the time to let me know about it--leave a comment. Please? I could use some encouragement right now.