Time is ticking away...

Where has this week gone?!

I've been playing a lot of "catch-up" on office this week, plus I babysat on Monday, and will again tomorrow. Looks like the babysitting schedule is going to be pretty solid for the next month and a half or so, which is good for the pocket book, not so good for the blogging time. I will try to keep this maintained with some regularity, but part of the "reprioritizing" I did last week was to decide that, for the most part, I can either scrapbook or blog in a day (and by "blog", I mean read my friend's blogs, as well as a lengthy post on my own), but try not to do both. Sigh. Such are the decisions we must make.

Anyway, here is a picture of Jabin enjoying a snack on my office floor yesterday while I was working. Like most babies his age, he has a talent for making a mess!

Also, while taking the photos off my camera to retrieve that shot, I came across a few other gems. While giving Jabin his first haircut a few weeks ago, we let Jude have the camera. Of the dozens of photos he took, I actually had to giggle at this one: We've been letting Noah run around "bum-naked" for the most part these days, to try and encourage him to remember to use the toilet. If he isn't wearing anything, he will use the toilet. Put underpants or a Pull-Up on, though, and it is just so much easier to stay where you are. However, he will "save" his Number Twos until he has a Pull-Up on, which is when we are out or at night. As a result, 95% of the time when he poops now, it is when we are out! SO FRUSTRATING! I have been encouraged this week, though--TWICE while he was wearing a Pull-Up, he decided to poop on the potty. YAAAAY!