I Heart The Internet

Over the past year, I've had some really cool things happen because of blogging, things that would not have been possible through simply keeping a journal in the days pre-internet:

  • I have been able to keep those friends and family that are interested in touch with our daily lives in this somewhat "removed" location.

  • I have developed closer relationships with existing friends and family that keep blogs of their own.

  • I have made some great new friends and acquaintances from around the world.

  • I have found some wonderful sources of on-line news, unbiased by the money controlling major media corporations.

  • I "met" successful Christian singer-songwriter Shaun Groves through his blog, exchanging a few words of on-line conversation.

  • I got an e-mail from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, knit-blogger and published knitting author extraordinaire, after asking her a question about a knitting dilemma. (I got to ask a famous knitter for help! How cool is that?)

Now, I get to add one more thing to the list of coolnesses. Yesterday, after using a few lyrics from her song in my post, one of the co-writers of Even If My Heart Would Break ACTUALLY LEFT A COMMENT ON MY BLOG!!

How COOL is that?!!

So...What is the coolest thing that the internet and/or blogging has allowed to happen in your life?