Two Good Men

He taught me:
  • to respect the way men think, instead of trying to change it--just work with it.
  • that I am beautiful.
  • that honour is the most valuable thing we have, so protect it.
  • to always be aware of what is going on around me.
  • that our life is what we make it.
  • that responsibility and freedom have a direct relationship.
  • how to punch (not like a girl).
  • how to change the oil in my car.
  • how to change a flat tire.
  • how to make chili.
  • how to make decisions.
  • where my priorities should be.
  • how to fight fair.
  • how to tie knots.
  • to be proud of my identity as a woman.
Thanks, Dad.

He taught me:
  • to love myself.
  • that I am more beautiful than I think I am.
  • that I am needed.
  • how to get around on a computer.
  • to be more patient.
  • how to manage finances.
  • to worry less.
  • to be more flexible.
  • to pack lighter.
  • how to paint a room.
  • how to handle myself in a foreign culture.
  • that I am loved.
Thanks, Jason.

You are both amazing men. Thank you for being part of my life.