Today, I Learned...

  • Shredding paper is fun. (I got a new office paper shredder yesterday.)

  • Using essential oils really can help improve my mood. After applying Young Living's Release blend after lunch, my mood went from I-just-can't-seem-to-snap-out-of-it-BLAH to much-more-at-peace-with-myself-and-the-world-Stable. (The paper-shredding might be helping, too.)

  • That in a four-year-old's mind, the shortest distance between the muddy back yard and the muddy front yard is through the house. With your boots still on, of course.

  • That in a three-year-old's mind, when you realize that pooping in your pants lands you in a not-so-pleasant shower, the alternative is not to poop in the potty, but rather to try and change your own diaper.

  • That the Canadian Cancer Society is actually more concerned with the fulfillment of it's intended purpose than I thought. They have just announced a national program to use vitamin D supplementation to actually prevent cancer! Amazing, eh?

  • That when you hit "Control-P" by accident when typing a blog post, Blogger thinks you actually want to publish it already. Good to know the new keyboard shortcut, but I wasn't actually ready yet!

  • That even a little bit of bumper-car action can leave you stiff and sore.

  • That no matter how much paperwork I get done, there is always more to do.

  • That most things in life are made better by a hug from someone who loves you.

What have you learned today, friends?