Oh, The Things They Say and Do!

Yesterday, Noah was playing with the toy bow and arrow set when something went awry. In perfect Mater-esque fashion, the next word I heard him say was "Shee-uute!" He's said it a few times since then, as well. I laugh out loud every time. (No surprise, since Cars is currently his favourite movie, and has held that position for quite some time now.)


I just finished changing Jabin's dirty bum. In preparation for the potty-training I intend to begin next week, I have been working on getting him to pull up his own pants, so after putting a clean diaper on him I set him and his pants on the floor, then sat down next to him. He did pretty good--he still struggles with getting them up over his little fat bum. After I encouraged him and showed him how, he finally remembered to reach around and successfully completed his mission. Of course, his outfit wasn't going to be complete until we put on his Spider-man slippers (with the eyes that light up when he walks).

When our task was finally accomplished, he ran around behind me and stuck out his chest against my back, arms hanging at his sides. "Uuuuh!" he grunted.

"What are you doing?" I asked him, laughing and reaching my arm behind me to give him a squeeze.

"Hug!" he said, then ran off.

Cute, but the hug needs some work.