Never Thought I'd See The Day...

...when I would exchange U.S. dollars into Canadian, and receive a smaller number back.

Hmph. This current parity of our dollars is good for me the Canadian consumer, but it really sucks for me the Canadian who runs a business dealing mostly in U.S. Currency.

Oh, well. Silver lining: the U.S. dollar's plunge in the market has inspired a rather larger number of non-American buyers lately. I guess it all evens out in the end.

Thank you, Lord, for my blessings. Let me dwell on those, instead of the drawbacks.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me a business I can run from the comfort of my own office chair.

Thank you, Lord, for a strong and thriving economy to live in.

Thank you, Lord, for teaching me how to be a good steward of what you have entrusted to me.

You rock.

As an afterthought to today's post, and on a completely unrelated topic, this is worth a read.