Our Trip By The Numbers

  • 2 adults, 3 kids
  • 21 days total
  • 9 travel days
  • 56 hours of driving
  • 11 cities: Edmonton, Dallas, Memphis, Nashville, Hot Springs, Little Rock, Ft. Worth, Calgary, Medicine Hat, Whitecourt, Red Deer
  • 4 Hotel stays (all of which had swimming pools, but we only had time to use two of them)
  • 1 performance
  • 3 quads, multiple uses
  • 2 Scrabble games
  • 1 turkey dinner (not on Christmas!)
  • Many friends and family members
  • 1 continued New Year's tradition (of the seven years of our marriage, we have rung in the New Year with Mark and Colleen for at least three, possibly four of them now--kind of amazing, considering we have always lived long distances apart)
  • 3 job opportunities
  • 1 zoo
  • 1 gorgeous light-filled experience
  • Lots of great memories
  • 5 people happy to be home again

Noah and Jude in a light pavilion at the University of Arkansas's Christmas Light Display, Garvan Gardens

More Garvan Gardens

Jabin and Grandma Laurel on the quad

Jude and Noah checking out the lions at the zoo

Jabin checking out I-don't-remember-what

"Mr. Map"

A couple crazy kids

A couple more crazy kids