On the Idiosyncracies of the Season

Remember when this guy showed up?

Well, there are few things more annoying than a house guest that does not know when he has overstayed his welcome.

Last Monday afternoon I raked a winter's-worth of junk off my front yard.

This Monday afternoon I could take those same photos again--assuming that the snow has actually stopped by then!

It's like Winter doesn't know when it's over, when it's time to pack the bags, move out, and move on. Get over it. Another suitcase, another hall, another hemisphere. It just keeps clinging like a needy, selfish child that never grew up. "Old Man Winter?" Ha! Usually someone that age has more maturity!

I wish I could say this was a-typical behaviour for this season, but it does this pretty much every year.

Yet, like a hopeful fool, I still end up having to pull the winter coats out again from their newly-packed boxes. Every. Single. Year.

Talk about cyclical behaviours...