Dietary considerations

This morning, we made little "bug face" masks for the kids. As soon as I tied Noah's onto his face, he declared, "I a butterfwy!" and started flapping his arms around.

After running through a list of several different insects, Jude finally decided that he would be a grasshopper. As I was making lunch, he asked me, "Mom, what do grasshoppers eat?"

"They eat grass and leaves," I replied.

"And what do butterflies eat?"

"They eat nectar from flowers. It's like sweet juice," I answered as I spread some mayo on whole-grain bread. He immediately decided to impart his new-found knowledge to Noah.

"Noah, I eat grass! You eat flowers!" Jude said.

Noah didn't miss a beat. "No, I eat samwiches!"

You can't pull one over so easily on that boy!