First comes love, then comes marriage...

A couple of days ago, I was playing with the boys, and Jude all of a sudden says, "Mom, David says you can't marry your friends, but I want to marry Emily!"

Several things go through my mind all at once:

1. What is with this sudden obsession with the topic of marriage by my five-year-old? I thought only girls did that at this age?

2. Where on Earth did David get that idea, and who made him the marriage guru? I mean, I know he's achieved the wise old age of six, but C'mon!

3. Was David's comment actually a subtle ploy to try to trick Jude into getting his mind off of David's little sister?

I kind of snorted to myself, then said, "Actually, it is better to marry someone who is your friend."

"So it's okay if I marry Emily?"


Noah broke in: "I marry Emiyee!"

Great. I hope this sibling rivalry doesn't escalate in later years.