On The Road Again

We've been doing a lot of traveling so far this summer.

Jason is on another road trip this weekend, but I opted on staying home with the kids this time. However, last weekend we were down in Sylvan Lake, staying at my dad's house. I got to visit my aunt and uncle and cousin, and grab some of my grandparents' photo albums for the masochistic scrapbooking-of-the-family-history project I volunteered for this summer.

I had a slight moment of panic the first day when I realized that my camera case had popped open. Remember the last time you used this? And you dropped it? Twice? Yeah. That. Shoot. Fortunately, I rustled around in my brother's room (he wasn't there, being on a wild and woolly vacation through Seattle at the time) and found a teensy-tiny screwdriver and fixed it. However, it meant I did not get any photos of my uncle and aunt, or any of the time at my Dad's. BUT! We hit the beach for a couple of hours before heading home, where I got some really great pics. Here are just a few:

"Boys! Give each other a hug!"
Is it just me, or does this hug not look particularly enjoyable? :-)

"Yook, Mom, yook!"

Jabin: "Augh! Augh! Code, Daddy!"
Daddy: "Jabin, look at Mom!"
Like he wanted to do that!
(See Noah recovering under a blanket in the background? The sand and water were really cold.)

Mmm... Ice cream.