The Great Stuff-Purging

Yard Sales, I have just discovered, are really the best way to meet your neighbours. One should really have a yard sale just after you move into a neighbourhood, not just before you leave it. This might be kind of counter-intuitive, considering that you probably didn't move anything into your new house that you didn't really want to keep.

So, on second thought, maybe just have an open house and invite all the neighbours over for tea and crumpets! (In other words, "Note to self!")

The yard sale on Saturday was a great success. Thanks to the long weekend, we were one of only two sales in town, which is pretty rare on a summer weekend. This meant we got all the traffic from the percentage of Peace River's population that was not on holidays.

There are some strange math processes that happen in a yard sale. At the beginning of the day, our tables were stuffed to overflowing. We sold stuff and gave stuff away and stuff got ripped off under our noses (well, maybe not. I can't really say on that one, but neither one of us remember selling that little baby tuxedo...) and at the end of the day, the tables were still full!! However, the pile that went back into our living room was only a fraction of the size of the one that left it that morning, and the stack of twenties in our money bucket testify to the fact that we unburdened ourselves of lots of the STUFF that has been hanging around here for way. too. long.

There is something liberating about it, you know? Like you want to run through your house and keep piling stuff on tables, saying, "Just take it all! I want to be free! FREE!!"

Well, not really. Funny how attached to certain stuffy-type items one can become. But it's also kind of funny how unattached one can suddenly become to 90% of one's possessions when one considers moving them 3000 miles away!

However, not to worry: there's always someone willing to sell you lots more stuff to replace the stuff we just got rid of!