Didn't See That Coming...

Anyone who has known me for any length of time would probably agree that "girly-girl" is a term that describes me, scalp to toe-nails. I don't like to wrestle. I don't like contact sports (unless, you know, they involve my sweetie and a... um, never mind.) And if I am "tough", it would only be in the sense of "determined", not anything physical.

When I get a needle, I screw up my face, close my eyes, hold my breath, and look the other way until it is over.

BUT! I birthed three 8 lb.+ babies without the use of any artificial pain killers, and while (mostly) keeping a good attitude about it.

AND! I signed up for karate classes last week.

Yep, Jason and I decided to give it a shot. Jude is taking a kids' class three afternoons a week, and he loves it. Jason and I are taking evening classes together three evenings a week, and while we have only had one official class so far, we both thoroughly enjoyed it. What sold me was watching this petite, five-foot-nothing woman use "basic" defensive techniques to take down a couple of guys (playing "attackers") that were much, much bigger than her--and she made it look easy.

Okay, my first class was pretty embarrassing, I'll admit. And I don't know if I'll be all for the jujitsu class that we are currently taking Fridays--I may switch to a different class on another evening. (Jujitsu=Asian wrestling, so I understand.) But I'm excited! It's fun! And I get to lose my paunch!

Betcha didn't see that coming! :-)