Shades of Blue

I'm not going to hide it. It's been a hard week. I'm missing home, and friends, and familiar patterns of life, and my own house, BIG. TIME.

Sigh. That's one of the things that makes moving so hard, I guess.

Anyway, here's a quick update on all of us here:

Jason is settling in to his new job. He has been working hard to learn a couple of new programs, such as an image editor, among other things, to work on logos, etc. Just one more thing to add to the learning curve. But there's always a learning curve at a new job, right?

I have been starting to get into the swing of things with home schooling, again. I managed to dig most of what I need out of storage. If it weren't for the fact that we have to leave our house every. single. day, it would probably be quite enjoyable. But between karate in town, and driving to the shop to check e-mail, we've got a fair amount of driving every afternoon, and it tends to eat up the time. (Thank goodness the price of gas has dropped quite a bit since we got here, due to factors such as upcoming election, re-opening processing plants, yada yada yada. It was $3.36/gallon when we got here, now down to $2.73. Yep, that's right, me Canadian hearties. Only a little under 70 cents a litre. Crazy, eh?)

We started looking at properties this week. We will likely hold off until after the election to buy, but at least we're putting our feelers out there. Things are not moving very fast right now, so we're not too worried about something being sold from under our noses, or anything.

Jude is adapting to the routine of scheduled school days. After we established certain things as non-negotiable in his head, things have been going much smoother. He and his brothers actually look forward to coming to the shop, though, because they just love to see Daddy during the day. Jude has also been enjoying his karate class, and seems to be doing well with it.

Noah is his usual gregarious self. We have attended the same church for two Sundays in a row, and the second time, he did not need any help finding his classroom--he was in there and colouring before I was anywhere near caught up. Never mind that it was a different teacher from the previous week--in typical "Noah" fashion, he just made himself at home. Also, I finally dug the costume box out of storage this week, and he has been living in his lion suit all week. This has been the source of many half-hidden smiles and giggles from strangers when we are out in public! One little boy at the library had a regular roaring contest with Noah. His mom said she thought her son had finally met his match!

Jabin is still Mr. Sunshine. All smiles most of the time. However, he is also Mr. Contrary. If ever there was a child to use reverse psychology on, it was this one. He only wants something if he thinks he can't have it, and if you offer it to him, his first response is always "no." Supposedly, this is a "terrible twos" thing, but he will be turning three in a month, and I don't see any signs of diminishment!

I am hoping that by early next week, we will have at least a dial-up internet connection at the house. Perhaps at that point I will be able to catch up on e-mails, and blogs, and Facebook, and all those things that I currently don't have access to much. I think it is this lack of access that is making me feel so isolated right now. This, too, shall pass away, right?

There have been so many things I want to post about, but they may have to go by the wayside. Just know that we are thinking about you, our world-wide friends, and miss you very much.

What shade is your world right now?