This Is Your Wake-Up Call

Jude got his sleeping patterns from his mother--he would rather stay up late and sleep in than go to bed at 7:30 with his brothers. We normally don't let this sort of thing fly--after all, Mommy and Daddy have plenty of non-conducive-to-child-involvement stuff that they do while staying up late. (Like scrapbooking, reading, and watching movies. What were you thinking of?) In the past, Jason has threatened to wake Jude up on a school day by lifting him up by the ankles and swinging him around until he is awake.

With all the guests over the weekend, and the kids going to bed, on average, several hours after their normal bedtime, the wake-up times of all three children seemed to be getting later, but most especially for our firstborn . Thus, it was no surprise this morning when I had to wake Jude up at about 8:40--I knew I had probably let him sleep too long already, but c'est la vie.

After missing his dad this morning before Jason left for work, Jude had this conversation with Jason tonight before bed:

"Dad, can you wake me up in the morning before you go to work? You can pick me up by the ankles if you want."


"But you don't need to swing me around."

"You think just picking you up by the ankles will do it, eh?"


And I thought my alarm clock was jarring...

Edit: Apparently, I should have had Jason write this one. He recorded the accurate, and much funnier story in the comments, which I am putting up here for those of you who never read the comments:

December 30: For the record Jude was awake right at 7 a.m. sharp as soon as I hopped out of bed. I think his subconscious was quite "attentive" and ready to wake up Jude on a second's notice to avoid the "hanging".

I know this may seem to be a bit picky but here is a more accurate version of the conversion if you want to update the blog. I won't be offended if you don't because you are on dialup. This is more for posterity and because I think the original version is even funnier than the version you wrote.

The conversation was like this.

"Dad, you can wake me up in the morning before you go to work. You can pick me up by the ankles and swing me around if you want."

"Okay. Are you sure?"

"But if I wake up when you pick me up by my ankles you don't have to swing me around."

"Are you sure?"

"Ya, only swing me around if I don't wake up. I think I will wake up when you pick me up by the ankles."

"Probably. Go to bed now, OK? If you are not awake in the morning I will wake you up."

"OK, Dad. Don't forget to pick me up in morning."

"Don't worry son, I won't forget. Goodnight."