Don't Worry, Be Happy

Jason and I have both been a little surprised and taken aback at the reactions of other people to the news that we are returning to Canada. There are many people, both here and back home, who seem to be taking the news harder than we are. (Hey, you "back home" people--are you trying to tell us something, or what? ;-D) While we really appreciate the abundance of concern on our parts, and while there are definitely things that we wish could be different, we just want you all to know: we are okay with this.

We are NOT upset that this venture did not turn out exactly the way we hoped. (Okay, maybe a little, but we're mostly over it already.) We do NOT consider this a failure. It was a chapter. It was a sabbatical, a rest, a time of growth--but not something we will ever regret.

The positive things that have happened during this time are many--some intangible, but I will try to list the tangible ones for you:
  • We have grown closer as a family. Months of association with mostly just ourselves have drawn Jason and I closer in our marriage, and we have bonded even more strongly with our kids. Also, we have come to appreciate my mom and Mike even more than before.
  • We have grown spiritually. While we are all in our own place on our walk, for me personally I have been finding answers to some questions that have been bothering me for over a year and a half now. Not all the answers. But slowly, they are coming. Jason and the kids have each been moving forward on their walks, as well.
  • We have increased our skill sets. Jason got to learn several new computer programs, and some graphic design stuff. I learned how to milk a cow, and got to dive into my first year as a full-time home-school mom with very little distraction. Jude is finally at the point where he really enjoys karate. (Last night during the "today I am thankful for" part of prayers, Jude said he was glad to be "back at work at karate." Jason and I have stopped going to karate for now to save money for the move, but Jude is doing it as his Phys. Ed. for school, so he is still going.)
  • We have found our calling. Okay, not "we" exactly--Jason, to be more precise. For the first time, he is discovering a line of work that he is truly passionate about. He can help people make their lives better, and I think that is the true appeal. He has applied to take Dave Ramsey's course to be a financial counselor. During the current economic crisis, more and more people are wanting to find real answers on how to fix their finances, and we hope that Jason can help them find those answers, using the same tried-and-true steps we have been following.
  • We have developed friendships. It was to be expected that we are meeting new and wonderful people down here. However, when you leave, you get to know who your friends are--the ones that keep in touch, that loved on you before you left, and (you hope) will still be there when you return. Also, the ones that will let you live in their basement now that you are homeless! (*wink at Amanda*)
  • We rested. Down here, we do not have to renovate a house. We have not been heavily involved in church ministries and activities. We have had shared duties for cleaning and cooking and parenting and household maintenance. And we have not once had to put on snow pants. In many ways, now that we know we are returning this just seems like the longest holiday we have ever had.
So, thank you for your concern--it truly does mean a lot. But we really are okay. Really.