All By Myself

Okay, okay... I know that living with my mom and step-dad does not exactly make the title of this post one hundred percent accurate. But I am definitely spouse-less at the moment. This is the beginning of our three month separation while I wait for warmer weather in Northern climes to be more conducive to moving all our worldly possessions. (Hey, honey--maybe we should freak everyone out by saying we are going through a "trial separation!" Whatdya think? :-D)

Jason left for Peace River on Thursday. I dropped him off at the airport in Fort Smith after leaving home around 3:30 a.m. After a few hours of choppy sleep in my mom's car, I then went and did some shopping in the city before coming home. It was wonderful. I got cute new shoes on sale. What? Retail therapy? No way! Um... okay, maybe a little.

So, this weekend I did a little more sewing, and enjoyed the beautiful weather we were blessed with. Yippee! Oh, and also, caught up a bit on Project 365. Enjoy: