More Jabinisms

This is "Part Two" of the previous post, so go read that first.

On our way home from town this afternoon, things had been quiet in the van for a while when Jabin made a sudden exclamation:

"Mom, I really smart!"

I was a little surprised, and more than a little amused by this oh-so-modest observation.

"You're right, Jabin. You are really smart. How did you know that?" I asked into my rearview mirror.

"'Cause I smart!"

Silly me.

Tonight, when we got to the section of bedtime prayers where we usually insert prayer requests, Jabin said, "I pway that Jesus helps turn on this light," he said, indicating the ceiling above his sleeping space.

I giggled. "We don't need Jesus to help us turn it on. And besides, he knows that you need it off right now so you can go to sleep. He's really smart like that. He's even smarter than Mommy."

"And Daddy," added Jude.

"Nope, Jesus would know we need to turn on the light!"

In other words, nice try, Mom. You just got outsmarted by your three-year-old.