When I was a kid, the Canadian government had a television ad campaign called "Participaction: Get In The Action" to encourage families to get off the couch and get active together. (Maybe the American government should consider something similar, if there isn't one already in existence. We have our share of fat Canadians, but seriously, people, this country really has no clue how out of shape it is!) The ads would run during the commercial breaks for Sesame Street and other children's shows--I assume, anyway. I was only allowed to watch a couple of shows, so I don't know about the other ones.

Anyway, there really is something to be said about kids who see their parents being active. Here are my own kids "getting in the action":

Farm kid: skipping in gumboots.

Jabin jumping up and down, swinging a rope, and pretending to skip.

Noah dancing to "The Heat Is On."

This was just after the boys all watched me do my morning exercise routine(and participated a little, too)--including skipping!

I guess I'll continue my "Body Break"--for the kids, you understand.